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"Healing is an art. It takes time, it takes practice, it takes love."

- Maza Dohta, Murakami's novel, IQ84

Far East Asian culture has always been a huge subject of my interest, it is even mirrored in my education where I studied for my Master Degree. I was fortunate to have lived in Taiwan and China for several years. During this time I submerged myself in the fascinating culture and studied the ancient history. My spiritual route began in a Buddhist Monastery in Taiwan, where I was blessed to have experienced the disciplines and teachings. It is here where I first learnt the true power of healing through meditation.

I have always felt a strong connection towards gong healing through practice and experience. Every experience unravels new discoveries about the beautiful instruments and the powers they possessed. 

I created Shinrin of Sound in hope to bring my experience and knowledge into practice. By connecting my love for nature and the traditional healing properties of the beautiful instruments, I hope to bring an experience that can encourage deep meditation, creative thinking and harmony within ourselves.

Shinrin of Sound is based in the UK, with residency in the beautiful landscape of Buckinghamshire.

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